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Our agency, Axis Logistics Packers, commenced operations in India, a city close to bangalore (India), about a decade ago. Our country's rapid economic growth in this era of globalisation has brought with it a sharp increase in the movement of belongings and people. Some movements are local, others are to nearby cities and towns, and yet others are to distant places within India and even abroad. We offer a other packaging solution for each of these scenarios. At all times, primacy is given to cost-effective methods without compromising on the protection of the belongings. In our ten years in this field, we have earned a reputation for ourselves as a agency that can be relied upon for trouble-free relocation of both commercial and household belongings. From small beginnings our agency, Axis Logistics Packers, has grown to a position of leadership in the relocation services industry. We provide excellent packages that cover all aspects of relocation: packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking; connected services are insurance and storage/ warehousing. We also have a car transportation service. This service is sought after not only by individual home who are relocating, but also by manufacturers and dealers of cars and other vehicles.

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